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Carrier: SBR+TPR Chemical Composition: N,N-Dicyclohexyl-2-Benzothiazole sulfenamide Active Content: 80% Color: Grey-white Mooney Viscosity ML1+4 50℃: ≤60 Density: 1.06g/cm³

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Composition: 80% N diethylidene-2-benzenesulfonic acid amine and 20% mixture of polymers and dispersants Active content: 80% Color: light yellow Menni ML1+4 50°C:≤70 Density :1.20

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Composition: 80% original high lead acid lead and 20% pre-dispersed rubber carrier Active content: 80 Color: orange-red Menni ML1+4 50℃: ≤60 Density 3.8

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Carrier: SBR+TPR Chemical Composition: Zinc dimetyl dithiocarbamate Active Content: 75% Color: Grey-white Mooney Viscosity ML1+4 50℃: ≤50 Density: 1.40g/cm³

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