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Composition: 80% original high lead acid lead and 20% pre-dispersed rubber carrier Active content: 80 Color: orange-red Menni ML1+4 50℃: ≤60 Density 3.8




Product Manuals
Pb04-80 Pre-dispersed masterbatch
Functions Metal oxides
Product Physical Properties Composition 80% original high lead acid lead and 20% pre-dispersed rubber carrier
Appearance Orange granules
Specific gravity (g/cm3) Approx. 3.50 (g/cm3)
CAS No. 1314-41-6
Application Information
Usage Pb304-80 is a rubber vulcanization activator, commonly used in metal oxide vulcanization system, it can replace Zn0 and Mg0 for the preparation of water-resistant rubber compounds. It is used in CR, IIR, CSM rubbers, which can play a role in absorbing X-rays in the rubber compound, and is generally used as an activator for acid-resistant compounds, which greatly improves the solubility of rubber vulcanization in water. It can also be used as an activator for the vulcanization of butyl rubber with waking diastase.
Dosage 5.0-20.0 parts
Packaging 25kgs PE bag in carton
Storage and work safety Original sealing room temperature below 25 ℃ storage period of 12 months

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