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DCBS(DZ) is used as after-effect accelerator in subsulfonamide accelerators, with good dispersion performance in rubber, good anti-scorch property and high operational safety. It is suitable for the processing of natural rubber and synthetic rubber, such as nitrile rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, butyl rubber, neoprene rubber, acrylate rubber, etc.. Mainly used in the manufacturing fields of tires, adhesive tapes and shock absorbers.

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NOBS is a kind of post-effective and efficient vulcanization accelerator, in the processing and production of rubber, it can significantly improve the vulcanization speed and effect of rubber, reduce the vulcanization temperature and shorten the vulcanization time, safe processing, easy to disperse. It is suitable for natural rubber and synthetic rubber, mainly used in automobile tires, industrial rubber products, hoses, rubber shoes, rubber gloves, rubber conveyor belts and other industries.

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