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Paste film release agent



Release agent

Product Features: pasty film release agent to prevent the uncured film, semi-finished rubber adhesion. Paste film release agent is easily dissolved in water quickly. Film release agent and isolation between good wetting properties guarantee either wet or dry environments have very good isolation. Paste film release agent does not produce turbidity in the rubber compound, it applies to light and transparent products, which contain inorganic fillers easily dispersed in hot vulcanized rubber and rubber compounds, the so pasty film release agent in vulcanized rubber surface leaving no trace, without causing any processing problems, it will not affect the physical and aging properties of vulcanized products.
Use: low viscosity paste film release agent, it may need to be directly dissolved concentrations. Paste film release agent watered ratio 1:10-1:20.
Technical indicators:
Composition: with special fine inorganic filler paste body
Appearance: White paste body stable
Active content: 25 to 30%
Odor: None
Vulcanized rubber fading phenomenon: None
PH (20 ℃): 8.0 ~ 11.0 (1:10 dilution in water)
Solubility: dispersible in water
Packing: 50kgs / packaging, plastic barrels.
Safety and Transportation: According transportation law, paste film release agent is non-dangerous goods, according to non-dangerous goods transport. Correct the FDA does not cause any harm.
Storage: paste film release agent should be in a cool, dry place, to meet the above conditions, the shelf life of at least one year. Production date marked on the packaging container labels lot inside.
Special Note: due to different manufacturers formulation and process conditions, the user prior to use, has the responsibility for the suitability of the product for testing. Technical information and data above are based on the best information effectively, and does not provide any guarantee and no violation of rights.

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