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Powder film release agent



Release agent

Product Features: powder film release agent to prevent the uncured and the mix between film adhesion during storage. Powdered release agent film is composed of an inorganic filler and an active agent. Powdery film release agent for different soft and sticky film has good wetting isolation. Powdery film release agent in rubber vulcanization can be well integrated into the rubber will not affect its liquidity and other properties.
Application: powder film release agent suitable for all elastomers.
Use: powder film release agent recommended concentration of 3.5 ± 1%, the composition and mixing rubber Shore hardness determines the temperature and rubber processing plant, usually in the summer when a number of easy to glue, you should use a high concentration; vice versa , the use of low concentrations. Film release agent in powder mix piece elastic film layer formed on the surface, there is good
Isolation to prevent dust adhesive, which can avoid the trouble of the processing. Powdery film release agent in the device only slightly soft surface deposition, it is easy to remove, the product has antiseptic properties, does not produce the goods annoying foam when mixed.
Technical indicators:
Composition: active agent-containing inorganic fillers and mixtures
Appearance: gray white or light yellow powder
PH (3.5% solution): 8-11
Ash: 60 ± 3% (2h/950 ℃)
Dissolved Stability: dispersed in water, not deposited in the short term.
Packing: 20kgs / packaging, paper bags.
Safety and Transportation: According transportation law, powdery film release agent is non-dangerous goods, according to non-dangerous goods transport. Correct the FDA does not cause any harm.
Storage: powder film release agent should be placed in a cool, dry place, stored at satisfying the above conditions, the shelf life of at least one year. Production date marked on the bag label batch above.
Special Note: due to different manufacturers formulation and process conditions, the user prior to use, has the responsibility for the suitability of the product for testing. Technical information and data above are based on the best information effectively, and does not provide any guarantee and no violation of rights. 

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