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Weihai Tianyu New Material Technology Co., Ltd, located in Rongcheng City, Shandong Province, was founded in 2001, covering an area of more than 30,000 square meters, with a building area of more than 10,000 square meters, focusing on the research and development, production of rubber auxiliaries and pre-dispersed masterbatch series products.

We constantly promote technological innovation, optimize product performance, and provide customers with high-quality new material products.

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What are the advantages of rubber additive pre-dispersion?

Environmental protection. Avoid workshop dust pollution, protect workers' health.

Why is pre-dispersion of rubber additives the trend?

Rubber additives are chemicals that bring high added value to rubber products and can reduce costs. However, the traditional rubber additives not only produce a lot of dust and toxic and harmful gases when used,

Rubber vulcanizing agent is a substance that induces a vulcanizing reaction in rubber.

A rubber vulcanizing agent is a substance that induces a vulcanizing reaction in rubber. Vulcanization is the process by which rubber undergoes a chemical reaction to form a cross-linked structure, increasing elasticity and wear resistance. In industrial production, rubber vulcanizing agent is widely used in automobile tires, rubber hoses, flooring, cables and other fields.

Main characteristics of rubber vulcanization accelerators

Rubber vulcanizing agent manufacturers tell you that the activation temperature is low, the curing speed is fast, and the crosslinking degree is high. However, it is easy to burn, poor flatness, improper vulcanization operation, easy to cause insufficient sulfur or too much sulfur. It is suitable for fast vulcanizing thin products of butyl rubber and EPDM rubber, room temperature vulcanizing products, latex products and vulcanizing products.

One minute to understand rubber vulcanizing agent

Rubber vulcanizing agent is a substance that enables natural rubber and synthetic rubber to cross-link at high temperatures, thus improving rubber properties. Rubber vulcanizing agent has the following advantages:

What does a rubber vulcanizing agent do and how much do you know about it?

At first glance, vulcanizing agents appear to be chemicals used in our industrial production or in certain specific situations, but we should never underestimate the role and use of our vulcanizing agents.